Hi! I'm Quartyn.

a Freelance Developer

I'm a developer, lyrics curator for Spotify, application translator, anything you need..

Littlebit about me

I'm a person who likes do anything in IT.

For now, I'm learning and practicing Network Engineering, Linux, Game development & modeling.

But I am also:

Web/App Developer

Spotify lyrics Curator

Application Translator

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Something I have done

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Quartyn Music

Custom music player made by me. You can listen to unreleased songs in beautiful space 🔥.

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English • Quartyn's Lyrics

I wrote the lyrics for all the songs in this playlist. Updated Daily. Want lyrics for your song? Contact me.

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Browser extension for easier life on the Internet. Adding functions on websites and custom themes.

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All my links in one place with Design like Windows 11. I think Perfect Clone right.. right?! 😊.

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QuaAPI Chat

Fast and simple chat application in development. I used firebase database and some php.

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And many projects soon

I've already thought of many other projects, so be prepared to stop by and check out the site sometime.

Songs I wrote lyrics for